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Sex Therapy

Increase sexual confidence 

Being able to reflect and talk about your sexual ideas, desires and fears can increase your confidence significantly. It's likely that your secret fears are actually quite normal, and what you think is your dark secret is shared by countless others...wouldn't it be nice to know that!


Overcoming Trauma

Sexual trauma can be overcome—with time, support and an environment that allows you to heal and grow. You can move beyond the pain and trauma towards feeling whole and empowered.


Answer your questions

Access to good information is sometimes all we need. Sit with a sexpert and learn all about your intimate anatomy—that you were never taught at school—ask questions, ease your mind and come away having had a good belly laugh!


Explore your erotic potential

Talk to an open-minded, educated and understanding professional about your sexual desires, orientation or experiences. You will be assisted to explore the questions and themes that are relevant to your personal sexual journey and growth.

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