Sean Allison

B.Health Sc, B.App Sc.

Sean is an experienced and highly qualified natural health practitioner. He has a unique set of skills which encompass effective traditional and modern forms of natural health care including Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Shiatsu and Environmental Medicine.

His approach is for everyone and provides a holistic, safe and effective way for treating a wide range of health complaints. These can include musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous system, hormonal, skin and respiratory problems.

Sean is dedicated to your health and wellbeing and provides a comfortable, understanding and respectful environment for you to begin rediscovering good health.

Contact Details


Phone: (02) 9188 7835  






  • Bachelor of Health Science (TCM)

       (University of Technology Sydney)


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management)

       (University of Western Sydney)


  • Certificate in TCM

       (Chengdu TCM University Hospital,China)


  • Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

       (Nature Care College, St Leonards)



  • Volunteer Practitioner

       Mae Tao Clinic, Thailand