Parents and Children

Sometimes even the most experienced parents need support. Shelley, an Applied Behavioural Therapist (with four children of her own), provides practical services for parents and children to help bring peace, fun and structure back into family life!



Applied Behavioural Analysis

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is rooted in behavioural psychology and employs a systematic examination of the child's environment,  behaviour and support structures. As a qualified ABA therapist, my focus is understanding and effectively communicating to parents how to create and maintain the change that they desire in their child’s behaviour.



Parent Coaching

Have you recently had a baby? Or perhaps all of a sudden it's all on top of you? Make an appointment with our parent coach and allow yourself to be supported, encouraged and energised in your important role as a parent. From support to motivation to complete routine restructure, we can help.




Working with Behavioural Diagnoses

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a health or behavioural condition? You are not alone! We work with your child's diagnosis and provide practical support and solutions that you can implement. Do not fall into the trap of relying on medications alone – you can help alleviate your child's condition with the right support and tools.




Rainbow Kids

Rainbow Kids are children who are intersex or identify as gay, lesbian or transgender.  We provide a positive supportive environment for parents of Rainbow Kids, so that you can give your kids the rich, happy and fulfilling childhood that they deserve.