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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a highly sophisticated and effective system of natural health care that includes various forms of acupuncture, herbal and nutritional medicine, exercise therapy and body work (e.g. massage and cupping). It has over 3,000 years of empirical evidence and is now practiced throughout the world.    


For many, Chinese medicine may seem unfamiliar and strange, with unusual concepts that seem inconsistent with a modern understanding of health and disease. It is important to know that while these concepts have evolved in a different place, time and culture, the system of Chinese medicine contains an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to live healthily and happily and how to effectively treat disease when it arises.


The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it understands the complexity of your mind and body and the intricate relationships between the two. It seeks to restore correct function and promote internal balance rather than to simply suppress symptoms and risk potential treatment related side effects as conventional medicine can unfortunately often tend to do.


Like in any system of medicine, it is important to find a highly qualified and experienced practitioner who has a solid grounding in modern medical science and is equipped to work with other health professionals to ensure you get the care you deserve. 

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