Scar Tissue Remediation & Sexological Bodywork


Scars may be caused by accident, illness, birth, sexual trauma,  or surgery. Scar tissue can be external and visible, or internal and unseen. Scars effect how we can use our body, how our muscles, organs and bloodflow function. Genital scars in particular can cause a reduction in bloodflow, function and sensation, decreasing our freedom and enjoyment of our bodies. Scars can be worked with towards healing and over time function, elasticity, and pleasurable sensation can return to the area. 


For various resons our optimal sexual function is difficult to attain. When issues such as painful sex, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation present themselves in some cases a hands on approach is needed. Sexological bodyworkers are trained to help you to retrain your body towards healing and sexual pleasure.


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Shiatsu is an ancient form of physical therapy of Japanese origin based on principles closely aligned with Chinese medicine. It involves a diagnostic component and an individualised treatment strategy.    


Although the name Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’, in practice, the thumbs, palms, elbows and knees are used to apply pressure to different parts of the body in order to restore balance. It can also include the use of flowing stretches, gentle rotations of the limbs and joints, simple structural alignments and muscle release techniques.  

Pressure is applied to specific places on the body, including acupuncture points, which can have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helping to regulate the endocrine (hormonal), circulatory and organ systems. Shiatsu is also very effective in releasing deep seated tension in the muscles and improving the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.


Shiatsu is known to be especially effective for dealing with musculoskeletal, digestive and nervous system complaints including:


  • Back, neck, hip and shoulder pain

  • Tension headaches

  • IBS symptoms

  • Emotional stress

  • Mild anxiety and depression